St. Louis County, MN

CR-Building Performance Specialists worked with St. Louis County to implement a Facility Management System to collect, document and report facility information and track the condition and energy efficiency of every building belonging to St. Louis County.

By gaining critical insight to the value, condition and efficiency of St. Louis County’s existing building fleet through professional Facility Condition Assessments and Energy Audits, the following benefits are possible:

  • A one-stop-shop for storing all facility and energy data
  • Analyze and compare Facility Condition Index (FCI) between buildings and across the County
  • Prioritize capital projects for budget allocation
  • Obtain needed funding based on data driven capital budgets
  • Reduce deferred maintenance
  • Increase energy efficiency and incorporate conservation strategies
  • Preserve the life of the County‚Äôs buildings in the most cost effective way possible