Facility & Site Asset Management 

“If we could first know where we are,

we could better judge what to do

and how to do it.”

– Abraham Lincoln


CR-BPS’ strategic and intersected Facility & Site Asset Management (FSAM) team provides local units of government (Cities, Counties, State & Regional Agencies), universities, private businesses, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations with the information they need to make strategic, long-term decisions.

Our approach to FSAM is built on industry benchmarking standards and our deep industry knowledge of our clients’ businesses. We analyze facilities and the sites they occupy on six key performance criteria: Conditions, Functionality, Resiliency & Adaptation, Human Experience, Sustainability and Other Key Drivers. These factors are unique to each client. Using that information, we develop a holistic capital plan that is intuitive and actionable.

AEMP Process

Assessments are a part of our process, but our highest priority is translating the data we gather into a manageable diagnosis that can provide the leverage our partners need to inform decision makers.

We start each FSAM program by designing and implementing a cohesive management strategy that will pay dividends when the work is done and in the years that follow. We believe a transparent and repeatable process, based on data and the latest industry trends and standards, keeps projects on time and on budget.

The work starts with a top-to-bottom assessment of the building or site to identify the answers our clients need for short- and long-term planning. We provide value by partnering with clients to anticipate and solve issues before they become problems.

We know how important it is for our partners to have an accurate inventory of managed systems to have the peace of mind necessary to make forward-thinking goals. That is why our FSAM team provides clients with an accurate inventory of all facility systems and the data necessary for capital improvement planning and future budgeting.

AEMP Process

Our Process

Facility & Site Asset Management Programs (FSAM) is how CR-BPS tackles the issues facing our built environment. Our FSAM approach differs from the run-of-the-mill facility assessments. Our team goes beyond developing a laundry list of disconnected projects that rarely address long-term needs. Instead, we develop a fully integrated program with an intuitive and straightforward framework for our clients.

Energy and water use is a significant cost driver for any facility and related site. Our experienced team includes custom Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) as part of the strategic planning. We pinpoint ways for our clients to save money and realize efficiencies in their operational energy use through design, construction and installation.

We identify priorities and leverage points and then talk through our recommendations. We dive deep to address the short and long-term needs of the Facility Management Team.

AEMP Process

The FSAM Process

  • Multifaceted team approach
  • Analysis of Six Key Performance Criteria
  • Current Reality of Each Facility (conditions and energy)
  • Data Collection (inventory of assets and respective systems)
  • Energy Tracking
  • Documentation (360° photos and 3D model of buildings)
  • Building Calculations
  • Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • Facility Asset Management Software Tool
  • Data Reporting to inform Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • Facility & Site Asset Management Program (established, dynamic, on-going)
AEMP Process

Working with CR-BPS

Through the cold Midwest winters and the humid summers, we are your team. We do what whatever we can to make sure our clients’ buildings are resilient and functional.

CR-BPS understands the building management challenges and responsibilities that facility managers face every day. We also know that no matter how well you plan, there are bound to be unexpected surprises.

That is why our extensive experience makes us the go-to team to analyze data and develop recommendations to maintain the long-term condition and efficiency of your buildings and to maximize your budget.

Our multifaceted team assists our clients in implementing a strategic improvement plan. We provide the data necessary to inform capital budgets and communicate with stakeholders. This thorough process guarantees the longest, best life of building stock.

We believe in data-driven decision-making and the use of industry standards to evaluate buildings in the following key areas: Conditions, Functionality, Resiliency & Adaptation, Human Experience, Sustainability and Other Key Drivers.

AEMP Process

Areas of Expertise

Asset Management
Energy Management
Energy Audit
Building Assessment
Facility Assessment
Facility Condition Assessment
Facility Asset Management Plan
Facility Asset Management Tools
Facility Asset Management System

AEMP Process

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