Executive Assistant

Colleen MacDonald

Colleen joined CR-BPS in 2017 to provide administrative and project management support. Colleen is experienced in business development, digital marketing, and project management and has worked with a variety of clients in the public and private sector. She works with the CR-BPS team to keep internal systems organized and provide support for business development projects. Colleen also has experience working in the international community as a Peace Corps volunteer in Azerbaijan and grant consultant for the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia. She also conducted research for her Masters’ thesis in China.

Colleen holds a Certificate in Advanced International Affairs (Diplomacy) from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, where she distinguished herself as a Bush School Outstanding Student Scholarship recipient. Additionally, Colleen holds a Master of Arts in International Studies (Business in China) from Concordia University, Irvine, California.

Colleen is an outdoor enthusiast. Over the past few years, she has challenged her physical endurance by racing mountain and trail ultramarathons around the country. In races she rarely finishes outside the podium and in early 2019 will toe the line for her first 100-mile race. She is also a mentor with Free To Run – an organization that provides a safe space for young women to run and learn leadership skills in Afghanistan.