Minnesota Department of Military Affairs

Minnesota Department of Military Affairs – Multiple Locations, Minnesota

Forensic Investigation, Armory Level 1 & 2 Energy Audits

CR-BPS was hired by the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs to complete forensic investigations, energy consuming systems assessment, energy audits, and energy models for nine National Guard Armories located throughout the State of Minnesota. Our services included documenting the current condition of each Armory, analyzing its respective energy consuming systems, and identifying Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) with associated costs and paybacks.

The baseline for comparison was an energy model of the building’s existing conditions (i.e. existing walls, roofs, windows, mechanical, electrical systems). This baseline energy model was then calibrated with the actual utility consumption and costs data.  After the existing conditions baseline energy model was complete, various scenarios of energy conservation opportunities were modeled–including a variety of building envelope options–and then evaluated in terms of cost, payback, energy performance, durability, and sizing.  The energy modeling provided financial, energy, and lifespan information needed to inform decision making for capital projects in the immediate and near future, solicit final design services, and hire a general contractor to complete the recommended improvements.