State of Minnesota – Department of Administration

State of Minnesota, Department of Administration – Multiple Locations, Minnesota

Facility Condition Assessment

CR-BPS was hired by multiple State of Minnesota agencies to provide Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) of State-owned buildings.  During the initial round of assessments, CR-BPS standardized the process for performing future FACs for Minnesota’s 19 State agencies each year.

CR-BPS continued to work collaboratively with the State of Minnesota Enterprise Real Property Total Infrastructure Facilities Management team to solidify a standard, consistent, accurate, and real time data collection process that included best practices, standard data reports, and established minimum qualification requirements for conducting the assessments. The State of Minnesota utilizes Archibus technology software to store and report this currently accepted and legislatively mandated FCA process. Charged with inspecting, documenting, and evaluating existing facility conditions, the resultant data informs long-term strategic capital plans and budgets.