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In 2022, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) was looking for a professional services partner that could help them with a comprehensive breakdown of the site-wide facility conditions for Normandale Community College’s campus of buildings. The findings of this facility assessment would be used in the development of their annual budget as well as for their 20-year budget and capital plans.

They knew they had an in-house asset management software that was not being thoroughly used and the data was old and outdated. They were hoping to find a professional services team to help them enhance the discovery of physical systems and facilitate the management of asset data for the crucial building infrastructure. The insights gleaned from this evaluation would play a pivotal role in formulating both annual and 20-year budget and capital plans.

Services Provided
Performance Architecture
Facility & Site Asset Management
Building Science
Client Quotes

When we first approached the idea of inventory and condition assessment RFP, we were not sure what we needed. We had an in-house VFA system that was not thoroughly used and the data was old and outdated. To assist our forecasting and decision making process we knew we wanted a systematic comprehensive approach to data collection and documentation process."

Aaron Williams, Facilities Management Systems Coordinator, Normandale Community College


Initially they approached the idea to seek out a professional services team to help them with the significant challenges they faced in effectively producing a Capital Improvement Plan. They were frustrated because they did not clearly understand how a robust software system could help them address the multiple attributes impacting a building’s systems which hindered their ability to provide detailed documentation for necessary improvements. Despite having an existing license for a Facility Asset Management software accessible to all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities campuses, the cost-effectiveness of creating a transparent, repeatable, and supportable Facility Asset Management Program was uncertain. The software was not being fully utilized on any campus, necessitating a pilot project to determine its viability as the optimal solution.

Client Quotes

CR-BPS’s robust integration of our in-house VFA software provided our first “real time” update of necessary management data and even identified missing assets and systems. We now have repeatable updated sound data on which to make quality programming decisions. If you want to make sound future forecasts and programing decisions, this programed data supported approach using good data is needed."

Aaron Williams, Facilities Management Systems Coordinator, Normandale Community College


Our collaboration with MNSCU commenced with a meticulous asset management assessment, evaluating their current situation, and outlining future objectives for the inventory of their facilities. Our mission was clear – to guide MNSCU through a structured process that not only met their immediate needs but also equipped them for future forecasting and decision-making. As we delved into the Integrated Inventory & Facility Condition Assessment at Normandale College, we conducted a thorough inventory door by door, room by room, and system by system.

During our initial assessment, we knew that MNSCU had an in-house VFA facility asset management software system that was underutilized, with outdated data. We worked collaboratively to seamlessly integrate their facility data into the VFA software, providing real-time updates for crucial management data and identifying missing assets and systems. This integration resulted in a consistent and reliable stream of updated information, empowering decision-makers with a solid foundation for high-quality programming decisions.

By adopting a programmed data-supported approach, we facilitated a shift toward a data-driven culture, ensuring MNSCU’s ability to make sound future forecasts and strategic programming decisions based on accurate and repeatable data. Our collaboration extended to executing a pilot project in partnership with Normandale Community College facilities personnel and the MNSCU Sustainable Facilities Manager. This initiative effectively addressed challenges hindering timely and cost-effective assessments, laying the groundwork for MNSCU’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Our meticulous approach continued during the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) process at Normandale Community College, where we examined each existing facility on-site, evaluating conditions and performance against industry benchmarks. This field-testing provided a comprehensive understanding, enabling informed budgeting and planning decisions.

Subsequently, we formalized and organized the gathered data using the industry-standard Uniformat Code, creating strategic operational roadmaps for both yearly and 20-year capital plans. To enhance the process, we implemented the VFA Facility Asset Management Software, a sophisticated facility asset management tool. Training sessions were conducted for Normandale facility staff and the MNSCU Sustainable Facilities Manager to optimize its utilization for comprehensive planning and management. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach not only addressed immediate challenges but positioned MNSCU for a sustainable and data-driven future.

Client Quotes

The CRBPS execution of the Integrated Inventory & Facility Condition Assessment of the Normandale College campus went as well as we wanted. The CRBPS door by door, room by room, onsite presence generated a thorough much needed inventory of our assets and systems. The comprehensive CR-BPS process documented where we were at and what was needed going forward. The knowledge gained of the assessment opened our eyes to the true “value” of our assets. We even went so far as to adjust some of our insurance coverage as needed to protect our assets."

Aaron Williams, Facilities Management Systems Coordinator, Normandale Community College


CR-BPS’s facility assessment services yielded remarkable outcomes for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, offering a thorough evaluation of Normandale Community College’s facility operations. The captured data, coupled with meticulously formalized ongoing projections, empowered the organization to achieve extraordinary results, including the accurate development of both yearly and 20-year capital plans and budgets.

The comprehensive assessment allowed for the integration and evaluation of various facets of the school’s facility conditions, encompassing factors such as accessibility, life safety, energy efficiency, and financial considerations. Moreover, the established framework enabled the organization to discern whether modernizing existing facilities was a more cost-effective and efficient solution compared to the construction of new facilities. CR-BPS’s efforts also facilitated strategic planning to address regulatory barriers and deficiencies across the organization, showcasing the remarkable impact of their services on optimizing operational efficiency and decision-making.

Client Quotes

CRBPS project staff were top self, personable, professional and their thorough customer service approach was second to none. I cannot say enough good things about the capabilities and the follow through of the CRBPS staff."

Aaron Williams, Facilities Management Systems Coordinator, Normandale Community College

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