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We are the comprehensive solution to designing and maintaining high performance building and sites.

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At CR-BPS, we’re designing the built environment to protect our surroundings, conserve valuable energy resources, fulfill their essential functions, and creatively reflect and express our clients’ and partners’ unique visions.

Stories Say It Best

Our customers’ and clients’ stories tell our story better than we can.

MCES Fridley Liquid Waste Receiving (LWR) Facility Improvements

Location: Fridley, Minnesota

The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) acquired the Fridley Liquid Waste Receiving (LWR) facility in 2009 from a private owner who wanted to utilize the...

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Campus Karlgaard Towers

Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin -Eau Claire (UWEC) Karlgaard Towers (Towers Hall), located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is a dormitory on the upper campus at UWEC....

Optimizing Building Performance with Integrated Services

Our integrated approach delivers the highest quality, longest performing buildings to our clients. Because our expertise integrates unparalleled design standards, comprehensive environmentally-responsible methods, and facility site and asset management leadership, CR-BPS does more for our clients—and more for our planet.

Passive House in Minnesota

CR-BPS specializes in high-performance homes, including Passive House, Net-Zero, LEED, and Living Building Challenge projects. Here is a construction progress photo for the PHIUS+ 2015 passive house certified project. Passive... Read More >

What is Building Science?

CR-BPS offers three core service areas, including Building Science. In simple terms, what is Building Science and what is a Building Scientist? Building Science Defined Building Science utilizes a unique mix of... Read More >

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