CR-BPS offers four core service areas, including Building Science. In simple terms, what is Building Science and what is a Building Scientist? 

Building Science Defined

 Building Science utilizes a unique mix of physics, material science, meteorology, construction technology, physiology, engineering and design.

A Building Scientist uses this collection of scientific knowledge and experience and applies it to the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings and architecture.

The building science of a project refers to strategies implemented in the general and specific arrangement of building materials and component-assemblies. The practical outcome of building science knowledge is reflected in the design of the architectural details of the building enclosure and ultimately in the long-term performance of the building enclosure.

Building Science Experts

CR-BPS has an experienced building science and forensics team to help solve your building related needs; whether that is new construction, existing building modifications, or ongoing maintenance. We are here to help.