Building Science and Forensics

“Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.”

– Stephen Gardiner


Highly qualified and experienced, the CR-BPS team of building science professionals is dedicated to solving our clients’ building related problems. We are experts at identifying, diagnosing, and remedying a variety of building issues and failures, including water intrusion, decay, mold, odors, poor air quality, energy inefficiency, and poor comfort. No matter the problem, the CR-BPS team will solve it.

Our expertise is not limited to improving existing buildings. Additionally, our skills extend to new building design. We use the most advanced building science and best practices throughout the entire design and building process. Whether our team is investigating problems, designing solutions, or consulting on new builds, we make sure the job is done right the first time.

Building Science

CR-BPS professionals incorporate a deep understanding of building science principles in all the services we provide. Based firmly in an analysis of collected data, scientific principles, and evidence-based practice and research, building science focuses on all aspects of a building’s systems to predict, prevent, and remedy building failures and poor performance and address durability, comfort, and indoor air quality in both new and existing buildings.

Our team strives to understand the physical reality of all new and existing buildings to better predict performance throughout their life cycle.  Constantly updating our understanding of building science, we incorporate current best practices and technologies that result in the best possible outcome for our clients.


CR-BPS offers field investigations and forensic testing services of buildings to help clients prevent, diagnose, and solve building related problems. Our services include, but are not limited to: mitigation consulting and microbial, mold, and moisture investigation; building pressurization testing (blower door); thermal scanning; material moisture mapping; and building assembly analysis and computer modeling.

Building Envelope Commissioning and Energy and Enclosure Rating

CR-BPS provides a variety of energy and enclosure inspection and rating services during both design and construction to achieve the most energy efficient and durable building possible. CR-BPS is RESNET certified, HERS Rater certified, and certified in passive house consulting. Our services include, but are not limited to: building pressurization testing (blower door); air-leakage testing and analysis; thermal scanning; thermal bypass checklist inspection; building control layer inspection (water, air, vapor, thermal); weatherization system inspection; commissioning; combustion zone analysis; and hygrothermal and building energy modeling.


While our methods are tailored to each client’s specific needs, the CR-BPS approach is grounded in the following multi-step analysis of the existing problem:

  • Collect, assess, and analyze all available data and information.
  • Inspect and investigate the problem at the site, utilizing appropriate tools and procedures (e.g., pressuring or depressurizing the building, searching for leaks, analyzing drops in pressure, testing the moisture content of various materials, removing or penetrating an assembly for further investigation).
  • Diagnose the problem(s) and develop a solution that best fits our client’s needs.

CR-BPS utilizes a holistic and fully integrated problem-solving approach, anticipating future needs, challenges, and limitations rather than recommending a temporary fix that will result in more problems down the road. Our collaborative team offers complete architectural services, facility condition assessment, and an asset and energy management program that provides design solutions built to last.

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