Zinke on Jordan Lake


Jordan Lake is a 213-acre residential lake in Wisconsin’s Central Sand Prairie Region, just 15 miles from Wisconsin Dells. Dan and Charla Zinke were looking to build a new high-performance residence on Jordan Lake that used the passive house-building principles to enhance energy efficiency, lower the home’s carbon footprint, and achieve durable building assemblies. Phius is a federally recognized standard for building energy performance, comfort, and durability. It is a standard that is 80% better than a model code-compliant home. The residence is 4,397 SF of conditioned space.

Services Provided
Performance Architecture
Facility & Site Asset Management
Building Science
Jordan Lake Property


The homeowner aimed to engage an Architect of Record to develop the Schematic Design for the house, alongside hiring a separate consultant (CR-BPS) for additional expertise to provide the Design Development details, energy modeling, enclosure and system consulting, RESNET HERS Index Rating, and virtual construction oversight needed to achieve a high-performance building enclosure.  Additionally, CR-BPS was hired to assist the contractor in building according to Phius standards.  Phius underscores the critical need for everyone on the team to comprehend the requirements essential for attaining the elevated level of performance that the Zinkes wanted in their new home.



Upon hiring CR-BPS, we worked with the owner’s Architect of Record to understand the existing design and intended construction methodology.  After the schematic design was approved, CR-BPS developed the energy model and reviewed the findings with all the stakeholders. After receiving feedback from the team members, CR-BPS updated the energy model. CR-BPS reviewed the working drawings and assemblies, giving regular feedback to the Architect of Record regarding achieving the stated goals.  In addition to Jim Larson’s two onsite visits, virtual meetings also occurred throughout the construction process to leverage CR-BPS’s expertise in building the Zinkes high-performance home within their budget.

Identifying air leakage before interior wall and ceilings material is installed.


CR-BPS served in an advisory role on energy-responsible design and construction practices, making this high-performance home possible.

Phius Principals

Phius is widely considered to be the wisest path to a zero-carbon built environment. Its high standards for energy consumption and dedication to sound Building Science principles have made it the standard for efficiency and performance in the industry. While the Zinke house did not pursue Phius certification, it achieved 56% better envelope air-tightness results (.29 ACH 50 and 0.026 CFM/ESA) than what a certified Phius project requires for certification.

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