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CR-BPS’ strategic and multifaceted Facility & Site Asset Management (FSAM) team provides local units of government (Cities, Counties, State & Regional Agencies), universities, private businesses, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations with the information they need to make strategic, long-term decisions.

The Facility & Site Asset Management Process from CR-BPS

Our FSAM programs are how we address the issues of any facility environment. It starts with a multifaceted team that assesses the environment and available assets and resources and ends with an actionable, manageable Facility & Site Asset Management program that protects resources and plans for the future. We pinpoint ways for our clients to save money and realize efficiencies in their operational energy use through design, construction and installation.

The FSAM Process with CR-BPS
  • Multifaceted team approach
  • Analysis of Six Key Performance Criteria
  • Current Reality of Each Facility (conditions and energy)
  • Data Collection (inventory of assets and respective systems)
  • Energy Tracking
  • Documentation (360° photos and 3D model of buildings)
  • Building Calculations
  • Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • Facility Asset Management Software Tool
  • Data Reporting to inform Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • Facility & Site Asset Management Program (established, dynamic, on-going)
FSAM Process with CR-BPS - Facility Management
Key Performance Criteria

Facility Conditions | Functionality | Resiliency & Adaptation | Human Experience | Sustainability & Other Key Drivers

Assessments are an essential part of our process, because the data gives decision-makers the information they need to make strategic, facility-oriented moves. Our approach to FSAM is built on industry benchmarking standards and our deep industry knowledge of our clients’ businesses. The performance criteria we assess are unique to each client, and using the information we gather, we develop a holistic capital plan that is intuitive and actionable for each organization.

The CR-BPS Distinction for Facility and Site Asset Management
  • Asset Management
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Audit
  • Building Assessment
  • Facility Assessment
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Facility Asset Management Plan
  • Facility Asset Management Tools
  • Facility Asset Management System

Through the cold Midwest winters and the humid summers, we are your team. We do whatever we can to make sure our clients’ buildings are resilient and functional. We understand the challenges and responsibilities that facility managers face every day as they manage their sites, prepare for the season and plan for the future.

We also know that no matter how well you plan, there are bound to be unexpected surprises.

Our multifaceted team assists you in implementing a strategic improvement plan. We provide the data necessary to inform capital budgets and communicate with stakeholders. This thorough process guarantees the longest, best life of building stock.

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Integrated Services = Long-Term Building Performance

Our integrated approach delivers the highest quality, longest performing buildings to our clients. Because our expertise integrates unparalleled design standards, comprehensive environmentally-responsible methods, and facility and site asset management leadership, CR-BPS does more for our clients—and more for our planet.

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