City of Bloomington, MN

Facility & Site Asset Management


City of Bloomington, Minnesota

Facility & Site Asset Management Program

CR-BPS was hired to conduct a Facility & Site Asset Management Program (FSAM) for all City-owned buildings and site in Bloomington, Minnesota. This process required comprehensive Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA), energy audits of all City-owned buildings and sites, and an analysis and evaluation of the collected data to inform capital investment decisions. The final plan provides Bloomington with the data it needs to develop 20-year capital plans and budgets, evaluate the implications (e.g., conditions, energy, financial) of rehabilitating existing facilities vs. designing new, and promote long-term efficiencies throughout the organization. As a result, Bloomington was also able to agree upon an acceptable FCI (Facility Condition Index) which drives future Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) and budgeting. This project also includes an innovative energy tracking effort to manage utility bill information in a standardized, electronic system. The collected utility data set is then easily exported into the asset and energy management software tool, eliminating manual data entry and saving the City considerable time and money. FSAM is used extensively to plan for capital energy reduction improvement and will assist Bloomington in reaching its City Council approved initiative of reducing green house gas immersion by 75% by 2025.

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