Metropolitan Council

Metropolitan Council – Multiple Locations, Minnesota

Facility Conditions Assessments

CR-BPS was hired by the Metropolitan Council to implement an Asset Management Program of all Metro Transit buildings across the seven county metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, to meet the needs of the federally mandated national Transportation Asset Management (TAM) system and inform strategic Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) with 5-10- and 20-year capital plans and budgets.

This Metropolitan Council project included conducting comprehensive condition inspections using the TAM guidelines established by MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century) for all Metro Transit owned buildings. The final plan provided the Metropolitan Council with the data needed to develop 20-year capital plans and budgets, meet the federal mandated funding requirements, and evaluate the implications (e.g., conditions, financial, etc.) of rehabilitating existing facilities vs. designing new, and correct current deficiencies and promote efficiencies.