Garrett Klemish

Project Designer and BIM Specialist

Garrett is a Project Designer who works primarily within our High-Performance Architecture (HPA) practice. He combines creativity and rationality to create computer-generated drawings and assists our architects with project communication and scheduling tasks.


Since stepping into his role, Garrett has been continuously expanding his knowledge and refining his skills. He has a deep understanding of architectural design processes, construction techniques, and sustainable design processes. Garrett is driven by the belief that architecture has the power to shape the ways in which we live, work, and interact with our surroundings.

Education, Licenses, and Accreditations

BS, Architecture, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Why do you love working here?

“Our commitment to sustainability and passion to have the greatest positive impact on the world that we can.”

What are you most passionate about outside the built environment?

“I am most passionate about nature and interacting with it, which I love doing through a variety of outdoor activities.”

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