About Us

CR-BPS Transforms Beliefs into Action

CR-BPS provides architectural, energy management, and facility assessment services to a broad array of public and private clients. We are relentless in our pursuit of attaining the highest standards of sustainability within the context of our clients’ reality and are inspired by the prospect of achieving balance in our ecological, economic, and social systems.

Who We Are

CR-BPS provides architectural, energy management, and facility assessment services to public and private clients throughout Minnesota and the upper Midwest.

Founded by Nancy Schultz in 2008, the CR-BPS team is committed to the pursuit of ecological stewardship through sound building science, providing services in four areas:

CR-BPS has built a reputation for collaborating with clients to meet their unique building needs.

Imagine that every building achieved sustainable, ecological balance. Then, imagine all of humanity motivated to take action, to make this dream a reality. An immensely complicated goal? Maybe. But if we put our fears of failure at the back of the bus, we will maximize the possibility of success. Nature has provided us with many examples of “buildings” that achieve an ecological balance. If we follow her example, it is indeed realistic to believe we can prevail.

Our Team

As a team, our goal is to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world. Our strategy is to seek out and share information and knowledge. Our strength is using wisdom and guidance to help others. We are visionaries. We are caretakers. We forge partnerships with our clients to design better buildings for a better world.


We are committed to creating regenerative designs and plans that improve our building stock – both existing and new – grounded in a data-driven, whole systems thinking and integrative design process. We believe the built environment should reflect the natural environment as well as the community and economy it serves.

Have a Vision?

Let’s make it happen.

Today’s vision, tomorrow’s reality.